Knowledge commons: Spaces for collaborative learning, research and activism

Knowledge commons: Spaces for collaborative learning, research and activism

Roundtable discussion with contributions by

Marco Clausen, Aslı Odman, Kamuran Akın, Esra Erdem, Janek Niggemann

Date and time: 14 May 2018, 18:30 – 21:00

Venue: Ableger, Oranienstr. 45, 10969 Berlin

Language: English (German and Turkish translation possible in small groups)

There is a growing interest in creating spaces for collective learning and research outside of mainstream academia. Closely aligned with urban social movements, these grassroots initiatives engange in the production and sharing of knowledge that is accessible, locally embedded and socially transformative. Building on the long tradition of critical popular education (inspired by Gramsci, among others) what kinds of participatory learning formats are these experiments in “knowledge commoning” inspired by? What are the contradictions and limits they face over time? How do they replace institutional hierarchies with democratic structures of self-organisation? The event brings together scholar-activists from a number of such initiatives in a dialogue about the values, practices, and politics of anti-hegemonic popular education.

The event is co-hosted by „Abendschule – Prinzessinnengarten als Gemeingut” and the Solidarity Academy of Academics for Peace – Germany.