–  Due to technical problems and to have a more fruitful conference, the conference dates have been changed and will be announced soon.

–  Demokratik Türkiye Konferansı organizasyonuyla ilgili bazı teknik sorunların çözülmesi ve daha verimli bir konferans icin, konferans tarihi  ve diger bilgiler güncellenerek çok yakında yeniden duyurulacaktır.

Welcome to the official homepage of Academics for Peace Germany e.V., a non-profit organization. You can navigate to find information on us, membership conditions, our activities and announcements as well as how you can support and show your solidarity with Academics for Peace.

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About us

Academics for Peace Germany (AfP-Germany) was founded in October 2017 by the academics who signed the now well-known ‘Peace Petition’ in Turkey in January 2016 and the colleagues who supported the values of academic freedom and freedom of speech. AfP-Germany organizes campaigns for the solidarity with peace academics and raises awareness and support with colleagues who have been threatened, targeted, lost their job, and banned from working in public service. Our aim is to function as an international “hub” for human rights organizations, NGOs, academics, as well as international press seeking information on the repression against the Academics for Peace in Turkey.

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Scholars At Risk on Yonca Demir’s imprisonment to three years

Please see the original post by SAR Network here: https://www.scholarsatrisk.org/report/2019-01-24-bilgi-university/ On January 24, 2019, Turkey’s 28th Heavy Penal Court sentenced Istanbul Bilgi University lecturer Yonca Demir to three years imprisonment on a charge “propagandizing for a terrorist organization.” The charges are in apparent retaliation for Dr. Demir’s endorsement of a petition criticizing state and military … Continue reading Scholars At Risk on Yonca Demir’s imprisonment to three years

Open Letter: Repression against critical scientists in Turkey, by Bund demokratischer Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler / BdWi

Please see the original document in German at https://www.bdwi.de/show/10707775.html Open Letter/Repression against critical scientists in Turkey Dear Minister Maas, It is with great indignation and concern that we are following the continuing repression of critical citizens by the Turkish government. We are particularly concerned about the renewed punitive measures against academics. In December 2018, eight … Continue reading Open Letter: Repression against critical scientists in Turkey, by Bund demokratischer Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler / BdWi

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You can show your solidarity with Academics for Peace e.V. by becoming a member or by financial support.

There are also various other ways by which you can stand together with Academics for Peace.

  • Sign the petition to support the targeted boycott on complicit universities in Turkey;
  • Inform your professional organizations and university senators to take action against complicit institutions, such as The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK
  • Contact bakuluslarasi@gmail.com if you want to attend the trials as an observer, or write to a human rights organization to send a delegate;
  • Support dismissed scholars financially through Academics for Peace – Germany or to the main crowdfunding campaign the funds of which is sent to the progressive education union in Turkey.
  • Share and spread this call for solidarity; show your solidarity by following up on the trials, commenting on them in your blogs, social media and/or writing a news article. For more info on the latest attacks on academics in Turkey, please visit Academics for Peace main page or see this report.
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